Private Limited Company  

Share Capital 
Share capital is the total amount of capital provided by all shareholders of the company in return of proportion of shares, possessed by each shareholder of the company. For Hong Kong companies, the type of share capital is Issued capital. There is no authorized share capital (i.e. maximum number of shares issued or minimum amount of share capital), no par value, or no currency restriction. In order words, the company may issue any number of new shares in any value and present the issued shares in any currencies.

Shareholder and Management

  • At least One shareholder, One director, and One secretary 
  • The shareholder and director can be natural person (can be foreigner) or corporation. 
  • They can be the same person or corporation.
  • The director can be the company secretary but not applicable when there is only one director. 
  • The secretary must be Hong Kong citizen or Hong Kong Company. 
  • The secretary is responsible for the arrangement of directors’ meeting, preparation of the minutes and filing statutory record according to Hong Kong Company Ordinance.

Company Name
The company name must be unique (not being used) and ended with “Limited. Our Company will perform the name search without any charge.

Company Address
The company must have a registered address in Hong Kong for receiving letter from the Hong Kong government, which can be either a unit in the commercial building or residential building but not a post box. The registered address can be the operating address. A separate business license for the branch of the company is required if the operating address is different from the registered address.

According to the requirement of the client, we can provide the nominee director, shareholder, registered secretary, address and bookkeeping services.